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Yoga vineyardsJourney with Yoga on the Wine Trail…

A day, event, moment, week, or year is not a stage set up by a shining sun, ideal weather, or another.  Movement, choice, acceptance, and trusting the universe to let us find ourselves when we let go is where we not just find life, but come alive…

See clearly, hear with acceptance, flow with connection, sing by vibration and move with evolved rhythm.

“See” shines the Sun, for the light bleeds colors into your world.  
“Feel,” whispers the Moon,“my energy is near and dear.”  
“Speak,” sings the birds, “our songs create waves upon which you can dance.” 
“Fly,” buzz the bees, “hope is to continue on our flight to help, give, and grow.”  
“Breath,” blows the wind, “into the rhythm of time that leads you to your destiny.”  
“Flow,” water beckons, “let go, wash it new; ride my current of collected drops and dew.”

Our July journey on the wine trail is a cozy day of introspection.  The clouds in the gray skies claim and capture heat from the sun allowing a peaceful entry to meet together not only in body, but ourselves in mind.   The mats quietly go down one at a time until the space is completely filled.  Closed eyes for meditation, we create space in the room, body, and self.Yoga Mediation at the vineyard

The quiet entry to the vineyard and calm canvas painted sky is the backdrop release in the vines.  Dispersed throughout the rows, some take the path alone.  Sweeping through the vines in the freedom of moving meditation or finding peace in the slow rhythm of walking one foot in front of the other – simplicity.

The cool drizzle and gentle blades of grass give way to our bare feet and rise again as each pass slowly letting go to enjoy the deep red grapes hanging gracefully below the leaves that nourish them.  The roots below offer strength and a sturdy foundation of life flowing into the ground into a world only they can see.  In our practice, it is that place of sacred self that we meet to heal and connect.  Like the center of the earth, getting there is a process of entering layers and sometimes shedding them to the pureness of who we are and where our true soul energy lives.

Yoga and Wine Fabbioli CellarsThe slow and steady walk onto our mat begins with linking to that soul center as we find our rhthym with breath and body loosing space, time, temperature with journey through asanas…loosing connection to everything and everyone around us allows the space for true self to rise up and then out to make deeper and truer connections with all souls.


“Dance the dance, sing the song…our shadows may may look similar but voice, touch, tone, and spirits are their own. It is that beautiful moment when they flock together, flow, and harmonize… IdentifyInterlinkInhale to riSE…”


Our practice focus is the Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura or Third Chakra, and the Root Chakra, Muladhara or First Chakra.Yoga and Wine Fabbioli Cellars  The combination is one of combining Fire and Earth elements. Fire is not only heat energy but light as well and the grounding element of Earth replants roots of self.

The heat fills the room as we flow through Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskara) and a Dancing Warrior heart opening Prana Flow Sequencesequences.  The three wave flow is based on crafting an intelligent sequence to peak asanas (poses) allow the body to open fully.  The kramas (stages) to Parsva Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana and variations as the main peak asana(pose).  The following sequences all lead to working on the navel region through twisting and opening asanas such as Salabhasana (Locust), visiting Uttanasana between sequences, Supta Virasana, and Dhanurasana.  Working on balance and twisting the upper region we grew through twisted lunges within Chandra Namaskara and the evolution to a revolved variation of Anjaneyasana – Revolved, Standing Crescent Lunge Chandrasana.

The journey is not over but our asana practice ends in a Savasana with Tribal Winds, a Native American selection, with flutes, power animals, and soft words.  Surrounded by foggy windows and the sweet singing crystal singing bowl that vibrates through the air and right into the core of our being to quiet and calm every last movement of mind.  Savasana assists visit each of our students with hand blended chakra oils from Blue Moon that have simmered in stones and crystals.  The reading follows and reflects directly on our earth connection, growth, giving and sharing…now we drink wine!



Fabbioli is known well not just for the fabulous wine, but also for their tastings as food and wine pairings.  Our tasting was a really fun and energetic presentation by vineyard staff at our own tasting bar.  The room still filled with the flowers hand selected for their color relation to the chakras, we tasted and enjoyed the changes that occurred when food was introduced.  My favorite is the pear wine with ginger cookie and the Raspberry Merlot paired with locally made chocolate.  The detailed description and very thorough presentation of the wine’s own journey to the bottle was so well presented; like taking a food and wine class.

2011 Rosa Luna

Rose’ is a wonderful new summer favorite.  Many vineyards are creating them dry which also makes this a nice, crisp, and chilled summer selection.  I have really enjoyed tasting the different variations throughout the county this summer.  This one is 100% Sangiovese grapes, fermented in stainless steel preserving a crisp acidity with flavors of summer peaches. Their food and wine suggestion is to pair with poultry, white fleshy fish and herb based rubs and sauces.

wine yogaLight Fare lunch is presented and each student selects their favorite wine to enjoy with fruit, mini hand made sandwiches, and delicious desserts prepared and delivered by South Street Under in Leesburg, Virginia.  Please visit their location downtown below Tuscarora Mill or website at:  http://www.southstreetunder.com/.

As you well know, our mission is to support local agriculture, business, and farms right here in Loudoun County, Virginia.  We were honored to be invited to this vineyard and even more so because Fabbioli Cellars and Yoga 4 Life/Yoga on the Wine Trail’s philosophy is very much lined up – Doug says it best…

“One of my little catch-phrases has been “Get the train going down the track and decorate it while it is moving.” With that is mind; we have started to define the ideals we make in business. Some of these ideals should be obvious for any business and are as follows: good quality products, sound business practices, and the building of great relationships. However an ideal that makes Fabbioli Cellars unique is that this business will continually strive to do a little more for the community, the youth and the Earth. So this brings me to the last of the three “E”s: economics. Some may question the economics point, but I want to make it clear that that is what makes things function. A strong rural economy will slow down land sales to developers and maintain our green community.”

Taking it back to where we began, time after time and it is still the right start…that is what leads you forward, sideways – North, South, East and West – always coming back to center.

Yoga and Wine Mediation Vine Walk

Fabbioli Cellars has over 20 years of winemaking experience, their award-winning wines have earned medals at some of the country’s most prestigious competitions, including double gold at the Indy International Wine Competition.  The experience of  ”Real People, Earth Friendly, Fabulous Wines” is just the beginning of the hospitality you will enjoy stepping into the tasting room.  They offer food and wine classes and many others.  They are open DAILY from 11-5pm and can be found down Rt. 15 past Leesburg going North towards Lucketts off of the beautiful country, dirt path by turning right onto Limestone School Road. http://www.fabbioliwines.com/

Their wines can be found around the region.  The link to the list can be found at their website here:  http://www.fabbioliwines.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=44&Itemid=71.

Our journey has continued throughout the summer and into the fall.  Kim Sullivan is a Wine Passionist who helps to coordinate our Yoga on the Wine Trail events.  We welcome you to  join us at the following vineyards coming up soon.

All Photographs from this day can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.412783768758020.88989.252543858115346&type=3

“Human giving and trust is the greatest gift of freedom, carefully placing your feet on the earth and a path to be proud of…”

♥ Namaste

Photos by:  L. Ward & Kassia Lee Photography

Fabbioli Cellars, Leesburg Virginia in beautiful Loudoun County

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