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Yoga and Wine

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Yoga and Wine is possibly the perfect pair. Engage all of your senses ~ mind, body, spirit, sight, sound, touch, and taste, as they come together to create a unique and complete experience.  Register for a journey with Yoga on Wine Trail!

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yoga and wineStart your morning with a flowing yoga practice at the Vineyards along the Loudoun Wine Trail followed by a fun-filled and joyful journey touring the winery. Complete with wine tasting, you can then re-energize with light fare perfectly paired with wine. Wineries and vineyards in this area are often tucked away in pastoral backdrops complete with rolling green hills and meandering tree lines. Visiting Loudoun’s vineyards and wineries are a perfect way to relax while taking in Mother Nature’s beauty. Each vineyard offers a unique setting that enhances our yoga practice. These restful places often feature historic buildings, stone walls, legacy barns, extensive patios overlooking ponds, views that seem endless, picturesque country settings, gorgeous gardens, and of course, row after row of beautiful grape vines.

Vineyards and Wineries


Our events are purposefully created to bring yoga enthusiasts together with your passion of wine.  Our mission is to connect people who already enjoy a yoga practice together with nature, agriculture, the beauty here in Western Loudoun County, and our local farms; which happen to be vineyards in this case.  After spending over two years, four total, working on this we have developed a wonderful workshop that not only brings awareness to connecting with the beauty of our county, but to supporting and learning about what you do.  We hope that the information below answers many questions and explains why and what we do with each vineyard.  Each vineyard or winery is different but our intent is to positively make a difference through awareness and connection as unified and passionate enthusiasts.

Each retreat or workshop is three hours in length which begins with a welcome drink typically of cucumber and mint or warm cider with orange in the fall and winter months.  A walking, seated, or guided meditation through the vines is lead sometimes with a tour of the grapes or guests walk alone.  A carefully selected sequenced practice follows Yoga and Wine at North Gate Vineyard Newswith a reading of poetry and quiet resting.  Many times we have offered oils for guests to enjoy, stones, or even at Thanksgiving they took an Indian head penny as a gift from our final Yoga on the Wine Trail that year.  As guests make their way to the tasting room with vineyard staff we quickly remove our blankets, blocks and other items prior to the vineyard’s opening time.

Tastings have been done numerous ways as they are complimentary to guests.  Sometimes a guest may not drink wine in the morning or choose not to.  Vineyard staff has done this in privaHiddencroft Vineyard - Yoga on the Wine Trail Newste rooms seated or at the tasting bars located in the tasting room.  Each vineyard is different.  Some have ponds, offer tours of their barrel room, select reserve wine for a special tasting, or even offer a food and wine pairing for wine education.  Following the tasting, vineyard staff allows wine by the glass purchases from guests to enjoy with provided light fare.  Light fare lunch is enjoyed with wine for a fun social follow up to class and guests purchase wine like normal customers.  Many vineyards offer us a discount on wine to promote wine sales.  Many of our guests come from far away and love returning home sharing your wine and the experience with family and friends.

Often times we take professional photography of the event or arrive a week prior to personally do a wine tasting and capture beautiful pictures of the wine and the beauty of your vineyards.  We promote the events through The Juice, social media, tourism sites, and newspapers.  We have been featured in Yoga Journal and The Loudoun Business Journal for our efforts.  There is great pride in doing good work and since each vineyard has unique qualities it makes every retreat or workshop also unique.  Guests havhttp://www.localwineevents.com/e purchased upwards of 50 bottles of wine at our events in just one hour following the practice.  We encourage direct contact between vineyard staff to promote wine club memberships and guest awareness to future events.  Many guests often purchase wine glasses, Tee shirts, or retail products you offer.

Following an event there are blog posts written and shared throughout social media.  Many friendships are made during these events and they return to your vineyard often or become wine club members to keep in touch.  Each blog highlights your wine, where else it is sold, and sometimes it includes a write up about a specific wine we enjoyed there.  It also provides a detailed “view” of our experience there, who we met, the feeling, and also the yoga practice itself so returning yogis can see the peak poses incorporated.

Bringing it all together changes how people get to experience a vineyard and nature.  With this intimate retreat tucked away at the vineyard people really get to connect ever so closely with what you created.

Namaste and Cheers!

Wine and Yoga - Fabbioli Cellars

Yoga on the Wine Trail at Hillsborough Vineyard

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Yoga in Loudoun County


on the Wine Trail

Welcome to 2014 – 2015 on the Loudoun Wine Trail! 

Reservations are made below for the Wine and Yoga Workshop series, Yoga on the Wine Trail.  The workshop includes walking vine meditation, practice, optional complimentary tasting with vineyard staff, unique offerings such as barrel room tours, and a light fare lunch.  Each vineyard or winery has something special to share.  More information can be found throughout the site.  To view pictures from previous events visit our Wine and Yoga Albums.

Sunset Hills Vineyard

August 1  9:15am – 12:30pm

Private vineyard view practice and meditation over looking blue ridge mountain backdrop to rows and rows of vines will follow with a complimentary tasting by experienced vineyard staff or winemaker, chilled summer soup, salad, truffle trio, fruit, and tasty dessert. Reservations are limited so reserve early!

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8 Chains North Winery

June 13, 2015  9:15am – 12:30pm

Private vineyard view practice in their newly renovated earthy event space will follow with a complimentary tasting by experienced vineyard staff or winemaker, a 8CN wine glass, guided barrel room tour, chilled cucumber-dill soup, pinwheel wraps, assorted cheese truffles, fruit, and dessert.  Reservations are limited so reserve early!

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2015 – Fall at North Gate Vineyard, Sunset Hills Vineyard (date TBD)

Cheers & Namaste!

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Reservations for

Yoga on the Wine Trail

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