Loudoun County Yoga and Veterans

Service Yoga Project

This page will be dedicated to awareness regarding the topics below.  There will be links and information associated with them very soon. (this is a work in progress)

Our intent is to make yoga more accessible to at risk populations including, but not limited to, persons who have experienced trauma, PTS, fixed income, and to reduce anxiety or stress levels within these populations.  Veterans currently using the VA hospitals around the country are not reimbursed or yoga therapy and as the studies flying in and landing on desks so rapidly proving increased positive function, they are often sent to seek yoga and pranayama (or breathing meditation) to help reduce these levels of stress and anxiety.  Many Veterans and Active Duty personnel are assigned to hospitals far from their home or place of work making it impossible to attend a regular yoga practice if it is even offered at the designated locations (which is not always the case).  We have several ideas which would lead to Veterans getting reimbursed for attending yoga classes local to their home or office locations not yet covered by the VA unless they attend in assigned VA hospital location which can be as far away as DC to a Western Loudoun County resident (for example).  I am working in thought only at this time to figure out how to get a program going and get it funded either through a non profit or Yoga 4 Life utilizing tri-state area studios and promoting their participation with ad space.

We are in the process of finding an alternative to work around this and facilitate a program that will remove the block to alternative therapy benefits and get these folks into class.  If you are interested in communicating at all about this topic please contact us directly.  If you are a studio who would be interested in the beginning phases of this please submit a contact submission form on the home page.

We welcome any suggestions, support, teamwork, and connections to continue with what we are all trying to accomplish toward a better understanding of what we as individuals can contribute to making this a better transition, and life, for all.

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