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“My body may be 64, but my spirit is still in its 30’s….”

Written by a Yoga 4 Life and This Body student, Michelle Wirrell.  Michelle attends Gentle, Beginner and Hatha classes in Purcellville, Virginia.

“After years of suffering from mental, physical, emotional abuse, and unbelievable stress in my life, my body began to breakdown. From the age of 40, three knee surgeries on both knees, a tumor removed from my arm, the aortic valve in my heart replaced and an aortic aneurysm repaired, a brain tumor, years of debilitating migraines, the large colon rupturing and then avoiding death by 12 hours. But the final push into despair happened in an elevator accident which left me in unbearable pain for 7 years.  Between the pain and the constant state of prescription drugs to keep me sedated, I finally gave up.

After 7 years of being a zombie I fought to grab hold of my life again. I had the doctors wean me off of drugs and fought to overcome the pain and slowly regain my life.

In November 2011, I decided to take a yoga class, something I had been wanting to do since the 70’s. I took an Integral Hatha Yoga Beginners class [with Christie Haran] and my life was transformed.

I started going to yoga classes 4-6 times a week and began meditating again. I asked God what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. You know the saying “Ask and you shall receive.”  Well, He’s had me on a fast track ever since. I was given specific directions as to what He wants me to do with the rest of my time here on earth.

Seven months after starting yoga classes [at This Body Yoga, now Yoga 4 Life], I started the Basic Hatha TT (Teacher Training) at Yogaville (Satchidananda Ashram, Buckingham, VA) and I am now a Hatha Yoga teacher. I walked into my first class with a metal knee brace on, my body hurting every where, and the toes on my left foot hadn’t bent in 24 years.  Also, I have a 70% hearing loss in both ears and wear two hearing aides.  After my TT, 30 days later, I no longer wore the brace, my body no longer hurt all the time, my toes were bending, and I was doing positions (asanas) I never thought I would ever do. My body may be 64, but my spirit is still in its 30’s.

Never say never or I can’t. I’m here to tell you that if I can overcome all my obstacles, anyone can. I have been through so much in my lifetime, but it was all for my reason for being here; to help others in the same situations.  To let them know there is a better life for them. To show them how to obtain it and to give them the courage to never give up.

To fellow Yoga Instructors:  You will meet students in your class with similar problems. Treat them with love and compassion. Encourage them and share my story with them.

Love, Peace, Joy and the Light of God and the Universe. Namaste”


♥ Namaste from all of us at Yoga 4 Life

A huge Thank you to Michelle for sharing her challenges, passion, and love for life


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