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Benefit Classes for Michael Joel Hall

Alone we imagine, dream, shine, create.

Together we spark, fuse, flow, grow, transform

…and change the world…

Join heart & handmind, body, and soul


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances.  If there is any reaction, both are transformed” – C. G. Jung

Yoga and Wine Purcellville Yoga Loudoun




August 5th MJH fundraiser – putting kindness into action. via – Peg – Please join together as we practice giving on and off our mats. Please join us as we celebrate community coming together in times of need – join forces in the great unity and spirit of YOGA…pass it on…

More information can be found at these links: (please scroll down for a complete list of classes offered)





Yoga 4 Life Blog Michael Joel Hall Fundraiser


The following classes are being offered around the area to support the cause…please join our event on August 4th at Hiddencroft Vineyards and any of the other wonderful studios who have offered a donation class to help.

Hiddencroft Vineyards ad Yoga 4 Life Present:

Yoga on the Wine Trail, Saturday August 4th, 9:15am-12:30pm

(Lovettsville, VA)



August 5th – 108 Sun Salutations

with …

Tova Steiner
Pleasance Lowengard Silicki

Marshall Sanders
Mimi Rieger

Gail Harris
Kevin Waldorf-Cruz
Luke Lukens
Keith Moore
Derek Waddy
Augusta Zoe Hemann
Betsey Poos
Mike Graglia


Complete List of Benefit Classes for Michael Joel Hall:

(past event) Sunday, July 22nd

DC Shri advanced practice with Mike Graglia


Upcoming events:

Astanga Yoga Studio DC (AYSDC):

Sunday July 29th, Yin Yoga Workshop with Sookie, 3-4:30pm


Balance Gym Thomas Circle location, on the Roof top

Friday July 27th, 5:30pm with Kristen Krash


Capitol Hill Yoga:

Saturday July 28th, 9am Open Yoga with Betsy

Sunday July 29th, 9am Level 1 with Stacey


*Dana Hot Yoga (Glenside, PA):

Saturday, July 28th 4:30-6PM


Down Dog Yoga, all 3 locations (Georgetown, Bethesda, Herndon):

Friday July 27th 6pm


Down To Earth Yoga, Bozeman MT:

4:30 – 6:30 Friday night, July 27th, Rocket III w/Peg Mulqueen


Embrace Yoga, DC:  

Embracing Michael: Weekend Fundraisers & Practice for Michael Joel Hall

Rocket Embrace for Michael Joel Hall
Saturday, July 28
Teacher: Augusta Hemann
Rocket EMBRACE for Michael Joel Hall is a spirited asana class led Augusta Zoe Hemann. This inspiring heart-centered practice will offer flowing postures back bends, hip opening and balancing. Students are also have the freedom to express their giving spirit through inversions like handstands and forearm stands for the first time.

Spiritual Embrace for Michael Joel Hall
Sunday, July 29
Teacher:  Faith Hunter
A Spiritual EMBRACE for Michael Joel Hall guided by Faith Hunter will be a flowing vinyasa class infused with expansive heart openings and a loving expression of devotion. Towards the end of the class, Faith will guide you a Compassion Meditation in honor of Michael Joel Hall.



For the month of July, all proceeds from the commUNITY classes–  Thursday, 4pm and Sunday, 11am


extendYoga (North Bethesda):

Friday, June 27, 5:30pm with Allison Rose


Flow Yoga Center, Friday July 27th:

8:15-9:45pm - Radiant Heart Prana Flow – asana led by Rob Hess with hands on assists plus closing pranayama and meditation led by Greg Marzullo  A transformative prana flow heart-centered practice including mantra japa, tantric sutras, heart salutations, a liberating back-bending vinyasa flow and meditation to liberate our natural, healing alchemy of love.

8:15-9:45pm – Rocket to the Heart – asana led by Mimi Rieger closing with hands on assists plus closing pranayama and meditation led by Brittanie DeChino  The playful and upbeat Rocket systematically promotes heart-felt spirit & freedom within your yoga practice.  It works the whole body creating inner and outer balance.   You will leave Rocket feeling completely rejuvenated & inspired.  All you need is love!


Flow Yoga Leesburg:

Saturday July 28th, 4 pm vinyasa flow class


Fuse Pilates:

Sunday July 29th, 3:30pm with Mariska Breland


Georgetown Yoga:

Saturday July 28th, 9:15am with Molly Dunn


Hiddencroft Vineyards – Yoga 4 Life Presents:

Yoga on the Wine Trail, Saturday August 4th, 9:15am-12:30pm

(Lovettsville, VA)



Happy Soul Yoga (Leesburg, VA):

Sunday August 12th, 3-4pm


It’s Yoga Puerto Rico:

Wednesday August 1st with David Kyle


 lil omm, DC: 

Thursday night, July 26th 730 yoga flow happy hour with Paige Lichens


Little River Yoga:

Friday August 3rd Teen Yoga (5-6pm) and Power Yoga, 6:30-7:45pm with Carson Calhoun

Saturday August 4th, Intro to 2nd Series, 2pm with Tova Steiner


Prana Vibe (Chantilly, VA):

Friday August 10th, 6:30-8pm Rocket 3 Series with Virginia Lung

Class to be held at 3656 Centerview Drive Suite #6, Chantilly VA 20151


Pure Yoga (East Side), NYC:

Sunday August 12th, 3-4pm with Isuaro Fernandez


Results Gym (Capitol Hill):

Sunday August 5th, 2-3:15pm with Kristina (Karuna) Maze

(non-gym members are welcome, as well as members of Results)



Sunday July 29th, 11am with Scott Westbrook Simpson

Sunday July 29th, 6:30pm “Flow for a Cause”


Tranquil Space:

The Soul of Yoga is Love (2 Benefit Workshops for Michael Joel Hall)

Saturday July 28th, 5-6:15pm with Jodi and Anu at Arlington location

Sunday July 29th, 3:30-5pm with Kevin, Melissa and Dave at the Dupont location


Yoga Chai:

Saturday July 28th, 9:30am with Naomi Gottlieb-Miller


Yoga District, Bloomingdale location:

Monday 7:45pm

Wednesday 6:30pm

(these are the classes that Michael Joel Hall usually teaches at Yoga District.  They will be offered as benefit classes until he is back teaching them.)


Proper Topper:

Friday August 24th, 10% of all sales at this retail store will be donated to Michael Joel Hall


108 Sun Salutes in Meridian Hill Park, taught by 12 DC Yoga teachers sponsored by Lululemon

Sunday, August 5th, 5pm


Lara posted earlier about the benefit practice that Yoga4Life had for Michael Joel Hall.  I attended a different practice this past weekend that was also a benefit practice for Mr. Hall.  If you haven’t heard, Michael Joel Hall is a popular yoga instructor in Washington DC that was attacked while walking home with his partner a couple of weeks ago.  He has no health insurance and lost his apartment to a fire a couple of months ago as well.  He has to have some reconstructive surgery for his face and, of course, has huge medical bills to pay from all of this.

I’ve never met Michael Joel Hall and, in fact, had never heard of him before.  In many respects he is just another person who had some bad luck come his way.  Yet, the outpouring of support for this human being has been enormous.  Yoga studios around the country have set up benefit practices to raise money.  There is going to be a big benefit practice outdoors on August 5, with twelve people teaching a 108 sun salutation class.  Hundreds, if not thousands, are expected to show up.  I’ll be going for sure.

It warms the heart to see this kind of support.  Still, one question that comes to my mind is:  why?  Why does THIS person’s misfortune move so many people to help?  Lots of people have terrible things happen to them, but we don’t hear about it.  So what makes this situation different?

I know two people who know Michael Joel Hall personally.  Both of them practice yoga with me and both are good people.  They were moved by this person, so much so that when this happened and the call went out for help, they jumped in to help without hesitation.  Universally, I’ve heard that Mr. Hall is a kind soul that tries to help people genuinely.  It would seem that he has touched many, many people simply by being who he is, and by sharing his time and energy with others.

I can’t say that everyone who practices yoga is going to be the best human being in the world.  I know I certainly have my flaws.  But I think this entire incident shows that those who commit to yoga, for more than just physical exercise, are special people too.  The asanas that we practice are just the start of a deeper philosophy and attitude towards life that, while complex at times, seeks to find a way towards enlightenment.   That’s a pretty profound purpose but you get a sense that what is happening around Michael Joel Hall holds some valuable lessons for all of us in that quest.  It’s not just that another human being needs help, or that it’s the right thing to do.  It appears to go to an essence of yoga somehow, and I think a lot of people want to embrace that.  To me, it’s certainly worth embracing, and certainly the right thing to do.

If you cannot attend any of the benefit practices, there is a location to make a donation.  I’ve put the link below:


Blessings to you for your yoga practice and life journey.





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