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Please browse our website to learn more about our warm community. Call or email today to learn more about Sip ‘N Stretch, Yoga on the Wine Trail and Loudoun County retreats.  Community efforts and Service Yoga Projects can be found under Service Yoga.


Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Options:

Reservations are taken for Yoga on the Wine Trail events by PayPal, check or cash.  Wine purchases are made directly to our host vineyards.  Semi – private or private instruction is offered in a “series”, with pre-registration required. We will do all that we can to work with our students and their lives. After all, it is Yoga 4 Life!

For Your Health and Comfort

Let the teacher know if you have any acute injuries or chronic health matters that need to be taken into account when you practice yoga. Classes that have peak poses or specific opening sequences will be announced prior to practice and are often times listed on our website calendar. Our teachers are trained and knowledgeable and can make useful therapeutic suggestions or specially tailored modifications to your condition. Please consult with your medical professionals about practicing yoga or any questions regarding limitations to physical movement following surgical procedures, especially if you are currently recovering. Stay hydrated to stay healthy – your body will be most grateful and thank you! We have water bottles for purchase if you need water. Please remember to bring your water with you as we are on town water! We hope to provide a watering station soon for all to enjoy!  Try not to eat a big meal just before class, as yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If you must eat, especially for health reasons, eat something light like fruit, a small amount of protein, or fluids.

Honoring the Space

Please remove your shoes and leave them in the spaces provided. Our no shoe policy is so important where we live out here in Western Loudoun County. Not only do we drag in bacteria, dirt, and grime from the outdoors but many of us come from farms or agriculture based properties where we can track in far more than that – you get the idea! When returning props to the shelves, it’s nice for everyone if we do so neatly and mindfully: roll mats carefully and one at a time, fold blankets so they stack up uniformly, roll up or hang straps, and replace blocks to their homes while not in use. We love and encourage the sense of community and the personal and social bonds that form at our studio! We also want to balance that with maintaining a secure, safe, and peaceful place for all – therefore, if you are early for class and have some catching up to do with fellow yogis, keep voices low and respectful of others who choose to use the time for quiet centering. Please be mindful that many come to class to get away from the outside world and need that transition time to do so. Please feel free to chat at the front of the studio all you want, we encourage community and sharing! Please, please, please silence your cell phone before class. Even phones left in another room can be heard during our meditations and final resting asanas. We all forget, don’t beat yourself up over it when it happens!!

Yoga.  What “kind?”

We are often asked why style of yoga we practice and teach at Yoga 4 Life. The quick answer is that we practice hatha yoga; the detailed answer can be found under yoga descriptions on the drop down menu. The style names you hear all fall under the larger umbrella of “hatha” and our teaching staff is well-rounded, a collection of many practitioners with an eclectic blend of so many styles.  There is so much information out there about yoga and the healing it brings to our lives.  Each individual finds their own within.  There will be more information about specific links to Mind – Body Awareness on the Service page and in links to resources.

What to bring with you depends on what, or where, you are practicing with us.  We provide any blocks or straps you may need but please be mindful to bring your own should you own them.  We often have extra mats on offsite practice locations.  It is in your best interest to bring your own.  We usually suggest a towel, water, mat, and any other comfort items you enjoy.  Oils are welcome for personal use. 

Feedback and Suggestions

We welcome either. Please, don’t be shy and let us know what you are thinking by dropping us a note either in the box or by e mail. If you want a personal response feel free to speak to us freely in person or leave your name, phone number, or preference of contact method and we will contact you as soon as possible with an answer or response. You are what make us Yoga 4 Life – without Life, we do not happen….we are a community based studio and our first and highest priority is you, those we serve and honor with our practice. Namaste ~